Who is it for?

Crafted for those wanting to get rid of hangovers, not the experience. 

What will I feel?

Think the opposite to coffee but more potent. Though it's different for everyone, we've been told that it lightens your limbs and lifts your spirits.


What's the occasion?

Whether you’re having a meal, connecting with friends or just chilling at home, there’s always an occasion for a better, healthier way to relax and unwind without hangovers.


What does it taste like?

Expect refreshingly bitter botanicals and hops balanced with sweet biscuity malts, complete with a crisp and linger citrus finish that'll leave you wanting more.


 Why should I try the Pre-Release Edition now?

  • Batch No.: 001
  • Personalised (2pc Limited Set)
  • Unique Serial Code. (2pc Limited Set)
  • Special Collectable.
  • Be the first to try.
  • Signed by our founder.
  • Only 4680 available.