Got questions? Here is everything you need to know about IMPOSSIBREW Co.


This section covers the essential information of IMPOSSIBREW Co., what we're about and what we're trying to do.

At IMPOSSIBREW Co., we are on a mission to find the 'IMPOSSIBREW' - a true and complete replacement of alcohol.

We're an international team of plant scientists, expert brewers and beer-drinkers who got fed up with hangovers.

By carefully curating active ingredients from nature, we strive to offer new ways to unwind - without the downsides of alcohol.

IMPOSSIBREW Co. has become a popular name among our community - though we didn't actually start off this way.

We used to be called: The Impossible Brewing Company.

Most people found it difficult and clunky to pronounce, so we ended up adopting the shortened version - IMPOSSIBREW Co.

Though we are a global team, our headquarters is in the United Kingdom. All our beers are expertly brewed and crafted locally for maximum freshness and quality.

IMPOSSIBREW Co. was founded by Mark Wong in 2021 during the pandemic - after graduating as a Philosopher from Durham University.

Mark left home in Hong Kong and went to the UK alone with his brother at the age of 13 and has developed an academic passion for alcohol alongside his studies. He is a WSET Level 3 graduate and one of the highest-scoring French Wine Scholars in the world.

Dr Paul Chazot, FBPhS, a world-leading biosciences Professor at Durham University, brings decades of experience and expertise to the IMPOSSIBREW team. He is a fellow of the esteemed Wolfson Research Institute for Health and Wellbeing, associate editor for Frontiers in Ethnopharmacology, and has authored over 60 major research publications.

Matt Denham, an expert brewer and developer with intimate experience with no & low alcoholic beverages. Matt was behind the formulation of multiple award-winning alcohol-free beer brands including Big Drop Brewing Co., Nirvana Brewery, Infinite Session and many others.


This section covers active herbs and ingredients used when brewing IMPOSSIBREW.

'Active Herbs' refer to naturally active, 'feel-good' ingredients that deliver experiences which you can 'physically' feel.

They include ingredients that are nootropic or adaptogenic.

Adaptogens are naturally active herbs and botanicals that has had a profound effect on humanity for thousands of years. They have been relaxing and soothing the minds of our ancestors and were commonly used to relieve the stresses of life.

Our brewing process is inspired by how our ancestors used to brew beer.

Before Hops became popular, all beer used to be brewed with different herbs and botanicals (Gruit Ale) for its therapeutic effects and often, enhanced potency.

Handling the flavour complexities of different herbs and botanicals for a balanced palate is highly challenging - and it was no different in the past.

With more than two years of experimentation, we expertly combine traditional brewing practices with cutting-edge science to craft a beer like no other.

A continuously selective curation and extraction process of natural herbs and active ingredients will take us one step closer to finding the ultimate IMPOSSIBREW.

None of our drinks contain CBD or THC. We don't yet believe it is a part of our journey to find the IMPOSSIBREW.

Our herbs and active ingredients are sourced from only the most reputable vendors in the industry. They come from our certified partner farms and suppliers from across the world with the highest quality control standards.

Absolutely not. Since hangovers are caused by alcohol consumption - with a 0.5% alcohol content (less than a ripe banana), you will not experience a hangover.

Instead, enhanced with our active ingredients - you'll be able to enjoy an evening of pleasure without a morning of pain.

Yes; glass being one of the most recyclable material in the world, our bottles are highly sustainable.

There's nothing in IMPOSSIBREW that makes it illegal for you to drive.

We believe you're the best judge for whether you can drive. Just like if you've had a lot of coffee - you can legally drive, but you probably should wait a bit. If you don't feel like you can drive, we recommend waiting 30-40 minutes or longer depending on how you feel. Drive safe.

Or legal speak: "May cause drowsiness, so do not consume when driving or operating heavy equipment."

Drop us an email at hello@impossibrew.co and our team will get back to you within 24 hours.


This section covers the Pre-Release Limited Edition - IMPOSSIBREW's debut 0.5% lager beer of 2021.

While we could list all sorts of benefits (like having great taste, vegan, low calorie, gluten-free etc.), these are sometimes not unique to us. Here is what makes us truly special:

Using functional ingredients, our beer is designed for relax the body and soothe the mind - without the downsides of alcohol.

Of course. In fact, we are no pioneers at all.

People in the past has been using plants for medicinal and functional purposes long before civilisation even began. Our approach was inspired by The Kissa Yojoki, a book written by a Japanese Monk in 1211 AD.

They described ways to use various plants, not for flavour, but for their relaxing and calming effects. The most discussed aspect of the book relates to the use of Green Tea and ways in which it can be used for medicinal purposes.

What we've done, is essentially to combine the knowledge of The Kissa Yojoki and apply it to alcohol-free beers - recreating the sensations similar to drinking without hangovers or health implications.

Since the pre-release edition is only designed for our early adopters, we have planned an inaugural launch of our IMPOSSIBREW range for the summer of 2021.

We've got some pretty exciting projects in the works - watch this space.

Pre-Release Edition:

- L-Theanine (Found in Green Tea)

- Xanthohumol (Found in Hops)

- Siberian Ginseng

The Pre-Release Limited Edition is an early version of our beer.

The purpose of this edition is to reward those that have supported us in the earliest stage with something a little special. It is a handcrafted, hand-signed, personalised edition of what is to come.

The public version will be released soon.

Our product, despite being alcohol-free, is not intended to be consumed by underage drinkers.

Since it closely mimics the experience of drinking, we have been advised to only make our beer available to adult consumers.

Our beers have a gluten content of 20ppm or below.

There are two ways you can reduce gluten in a beverage:

- Dilution. Since the amount of barley and other gluten-containing ingredients is so low compared to the volume of 330ml, the concentration of gluten is negligible.

Gluten-Eating Yeasts. There are these specific kinds of yeast that eats up gluten in liquids, reducing the overall levels of concentration.

0.5% ALC is less than a ripe banana. Store-bought orange juice will have more than 0.5% alcohol in there.

However, keeping the 0.5% ABV creates much better flavour in our opinion.

To be honest, there is nothing stopping you from doing that. In fact, if you have the time to do that, we encourage it.

Our mission is to create a future of drinking that is healthy and sustainable without missing out on the fun.

If you are buying the active botanicals yourself to substitute for alcohol, you are part of our mission, whether or not you are purchasing from us!

If you would like the benefit of convenience or would like to support us, you can get yours here.

Soon. We're looking at having a number of stockists by summer 2021.

We are currently in talks with a number of retailers and pub chains. We'll be sure to keep you posted - stay in touch by signing up to our newsletter below!

No it is not. We are not medical professionals.

Consult your doctor before consuming if you are breastfeeding, pregnant, or may become pregnant; have a medical condition, including but not limited to GI disorders, heart disease, or hypertension; taking any medication including but not limited to antidepressants, MAO inhibitors, blood thinners, or SSRIs. Do not consume with alcohol. May cause drowsiness, so do not consume when driving or operating heavy equipment.

Everyone's different. We aim to provide relaxation, connection and clear conversation. Some say it feels like they've had a pint or two, others say they feel a wave of calm washing over them... Let us know how you feel! Email us at hello(@)impossibrew.co

IMPOSSIBREW is suitable for vegans. Though it is not Certified Vegan, nothing in our product has anything to do with animals, only plants.


This section covers shipping information - domestic (UK) and international.

For our Pre-Release Limited Edition, we ship only to the UK at the moment.

We aim to expand internationally soon - stay tuned!

If you have any queries, feel free to email: hello(@)impossibrew.co.

The Pre-Release Limited Edition will be delivered - March 2021.

We'll let you know once your bottles are hand-signed and shipped!

If you have any queries, feel free to email: mark@impossibrew.co.uk.


This section covers all queries about returns and refunds. We promise a full refund if you're unsatisfied with IMPOSSIBREW Co.

You can use most kinds of payment for IMPOSSIBREW. We accept dynamic payment methods: Amazon Pay, AMEX, Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal and many more.

Just email us at hello@impossibrew.co and we'll sort it out for you!


This section covers general advice, guidance and best-practices when consuming an IMPOSSIBREW.

We don't recommend more than 6 bottles a day.

Combining with alcohol is also not recommended as it may intensify its effects.

We recommend keeping IMPOSSIBREWs in a cool, well-ventilated area for general storage. Refrigerate before serving. Optimal serving temperature: 3-5 degrees.

IMPOSSIBREW must not be used as a substitute for a balanced and a healthy lifestyle.

Keep out of reach of children and do not consume if the bottle is broken or suffers from intrusive physical defects.

Since our ingredients are 100% certified safe by our expert technical team, there is no need to worry.

However, we recommend that you stop drinking IMPOSSIBREW immediately. If you are concerned or are currently taking medication, please consult your doctor or healthcare provider for guidance.

Either pregnant, breastfeeding, taking any medications or under medical supervision, please consult your healthcare professional before drinking IMPOSSIBREW.

Stop drinking immediately and consult a doctor if you experience any adverse reactions.